Let me tell you something that most wedding photographers won’t tell you…

YOU’RE BOOKING US FOR MORE HOURS THAN YOU NEED TO. If you’re looking for a way to cut some expenses on your wedding then hear me out on this:

There are two kinds of wedding day photos – ones that will only be posted on social media, and ones that are worthy of being printed and hung in your home.

The social media captures are every single step and detail of getting ready. Those can easily be handled by any smart phone, because at the end of the day… you aren’t going to make a canvas out of the weird face you’re making while getting your eyelashes put on or the girls flashing each other while trying to get into their dresses.

The photos that will be worthy of hanging in your home are going to be staged shots of you touching up your lipstick, sticking an earring in, and having the last couple buttons on your dress buttoned up. Same applies for the guys. Their best photos are staged shots too: tightening up the tie in the mirror, helping each other into jackets, and getting boutonnieres on, etc.

Now let’s talk about the reception. Weddings make for a very long day for guests and most people don’t stay until the end. Do the first dances, speeches, and cake cutting early. And then if you’re doing a big exit (ex. sparklers) do a FAKE exit before you get the partying started. More people will be there and they will be less drunk (and less likely to catch the bride on fire).

Speaking of drunk people… after about 20 minutes all dance photos look the same. Do you want a lot of images of drunk people? Because that’s what happens after dinner at a wedding.

More hours doesn’t always mean more images. Take a good look at your timeline and have your photographer show up around the time you’re finishing hair and makeup and you’re about to get your dress on. Move up the important events of the reception, fake the exit, and have your photographer leave shortly after that. I have a feeling this is your first wedding, but it’s definitely not mine 😉 Happy wedding planning.


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